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elenFREE shipping on purchases over €50 (Deliveries are made on Thursday and Friday)

Join our "Adopt a Hive" program with your team and… “Bee-come a Hero” for bees and the environment.

Why Adopt a Hive?

What if every business were not only limited to business goals but also broadened its vision to environmental issues and needs as well?

The ‘Adopt a Hive’ program is a pioneering initiative by ‘Oros Machaira,’ which offers your company a unique opportunity to directly contribute to the well-being of our planet and to engage in team-building activities that foster the spirit of teamwork among your team members.

With every hive you adopt, you are actively contributing to saving the bee population and leading our planet closer to a greener future.

You also give your team the opportunity to experience a unique team connection and enrich their knowledge through this program.

What does the package include?

Adoption of a Hive: The first step of this wonderful journey is adopting a hive, which we will maintain in your company’s name.

First Visit

Voluntary Participation and Beehive Painting (up to 25 people can participate):

Your team will have the opportunity for a hands-on experience by painting your hive in your company colors.

This activity not only imbues your corporate identity onto your hive but also fosters team spirit.

Educational Tour and Introduction to the World of Bees:

Enjoy an educational tour of our facility and attend a seminar where you will learn exciting facts about bees, their role in our ecosystem, and the experience of adding bees to your company’s hive.

Second Visit

Honey Harvesting Experience and Corporate Gifts (up to 25 people can participate):

An opportunity to participate in a demonstration and hands-on training on how to harvest honey.

Tour and Education:

Delve deeper into our facilities with a focus on the practical training in honey collection.

Gift of Honey:

Receive approximately 30kg of honey per hive, packaged in 250gr bottles, as a special gift for your employees.

This will be a sweet reminder of your contribution to the environment.


Our goal through the ‘Adopt a Hive’ program is to adopt 200 hives, thus contributing to the growth and preservation of 1,000,000 bees.

Why does it matter?

This effort is not just about conservation.

This has a truly positive impact on our planet and enhances the biodiversity that sustains it.

Bees are essential to our ecosystem and are responsible for pollinating the majority of plants, including those vital to food production. By adopting a hive, your company plays a direct role in supporting these invaluable pollinators, ensuring their survival and continued benefit to our natural world.

Join us today and Bee-come Heroes by participating in the “Adopt a Hive” program.

Nature’s Unsung Heroes!

Bees do more than just produce honey. They are crucial to maintaining the balance of our environment and are an integral part of natural habitats.