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Oros Machaira Propolis Tincture


Propolis tincture is an alcohol solution made of alcohol and propolis and is nothing short of a natural antiseptic miracle. Taking propolis tincture daily in small doses can help bolster the immune system in its fight against bacteria, fungi and viruses, including the flu. In contrast to medicines that affect both beneficial and harmful bacteria, propolis tincture only affects bacteria that are harmful to our health and in general is not impacted by various bacterial mutations. Oros Machaira Propolis Tincture is prepared at our lab using alcohol and propolis taken straight from our bee-keepers’ honeybees.

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What propolis is

Propolis is one of the many products honey bees produce. It is used by the bees to seal and sterilize the hive. Bees create propolis by collecting resinous secretions from plant shells and mixing them with wax, pollen and various enzymes. This mixture gives a natural gift to our health.

Propolis is an impressive chemical composition that is beneficial for the human body. Some of its ingredients include resin, essential oils and pollen. It also has aromatic substances, vitamins and nutrients. When used as a tincture (in combination with pure alcohol) it enables us to use it in many cases for both therapeutic and preventive purposes.


Propolis has been identified for its importance in human protection since antiquity. When combined with pure alcohol it offers:

  • protection from bacteria, viruses and fungi
  • anti-inflammatory protection

These benefits are due to the flavonoid content that is found on propolis. It is a natural product that enhances protection against threats to our immune system.


Start with small doses (1 press-spray) three times per day. Increase dosage (2-3 presses) three times per day from the 2nd day. It is advised to increase water consumption too. Stop when symptoms degrade. Propolis tincture is effective when used in the early stages of symptoms. Kids below 12 years old should consume 1/3 glass of water.

For external use: It should be applied immediately to the skin 2-3 times per day until symptoms subdue. Children below 12 years old should be administered with a swab.


-If you are pregnant or breastfeeding please consult with your doctor before consuming propolis tincture.
-Should not be consumed by people allergic to honey, bee pollen, royal jelly, conifers or poplar trees unless examined by an allergist.

Important note: Propolis stains. Be careful when using so your clothes are not destroyed. Also, in case it is used with a glass of water the glass might stain as well.

Store in a cold place

Propolis is a natural product that protects our body and boosts our immune system. However, it shouldn’t be used instead of medicines your doctor prescribes. Always follow your doctor’s orders.