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Oros Machaira Unheated (Raw) Honey


Honey is considered to be “unheated” when it comes straight from the honeycomb without any processing and is sold to consumers just how the bees make it. Unlike honey which undergoes heat treatment and filtering, raw honey retains all its yeasts and pollen grains, which are what give it its high nutritional value.

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Studies show that yeasts cannot withstand high temperatures and many are destroyed when heated. While heating allows the product to remain in a fluid phase for longer, it does mean it loses nutritional value (Practical Bee-keeping – Andreas T.Thrasyvoulou, 1998). Raw honey is the purest form of honey available. It retains all its natural nutrients and enzymes which are mitigated by heat treatment.

Many people ask us “What should I eat? Unheated or heated honey?” At Oros Machaira we believe it’s a matter of choice, and up to the individual depending on their needs. Many people tell us that they prefer heated honey because it’s easier to use while others tell us that they prefer to eat unheated honey because it has a higher nutritional value than heated honey. At Oros Machaira we offer you both options. The choice is yours!


500g jar, 800g jar, 3Kg bottle